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Combat Digital Eyestrain with Advanced Optical Lens Technology
Eliminate glare and filter blue light with our optical lens technology
for eye comfort

Why Do You Need To Filter Blue Light ?

Digital screens emit blue light, which is high in energy. This light has adverse effects on your eyesight, brain, and overall health. Research studies show that blue light overexposure is likely tocause eyestrain, macular degeneration risk, and disruptions in a sleep cycle. Our advanced filter blue light lens filters this harmful blue light emitted from digital screens, especially the ones that have the highest 400-440 nm energy wavelengths.

Combination of State-Of-The-Art Coating Technologies

Smudge, Glare And Scratch Free Coating
Our optical lens technology combines the latest coating technologies to give you smudge, glare, and scratch-free glasses. Our glasses have a superhydrophobic layer on the outside. This advanced nanotechnology helps in reducing smudges, dust and repels water. This means you need not to wipe and clean your glasses regularly.
High-Definition Lens with Anti-Reflective Coating
The finest anti-reflective outer coating removes computer-glare while reducing stress on your eyes. With our high-definition lenses, you get to experience the world in a clearer and stress-free way!
“On average people spend more than 4 to 6 hours a day on their digital screens and more than 11 hours daily interacting on digital media. This means that you need to take care of your eyes more than ever to prevent digital eyestrain."
What Makes Our Lens Different?
Reduce Digital Eye Strain
Block Blue Light
Prevent Dry Eyes
Minimize Glare
Sleep Better
Reduction in Eye-Strain
Our optical lens technology helps in a significant reduction of eyestrain, which prevents related eye problems, thus restoring eye health.
Blocks Blue Light
The blue light that emits from digital devices is a primary reason for eyestrain. Our lenses block blue light to give you relief and comfort to your eyes.
Prevent Dryness in Eyes
Your eyes have lubrication and moisture inside to keep them healthy. Excessive use of the digital device can cause eye dryness, and our lenses prevent that.
Minimize Glare
The anti-glare coating on our glasses eliminates reflections, which improve your vision, reduces strain on eyes, and gives better comfort during prolonged digital screen usage.
Improves Sleep
Studies have shown that blue light that emits from digital devices disrupts your sleeping cycle, which leads to health problems. Our optical lens resolves this issue and promotes healthy sleeping cycle.
let ANRRI protect your eyes
ANRRI glasses from are specially designed to filter out a portion of harmful blue light. The premium features of ANRRI lenses, make screen time more comfortable and help eliminate symptoms of digital eyestrain.