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women wearing ANRRI glasses sit in sofa

Do you suffer fromDigital Eye Strain?
Let ANRRI help you !

Glasses for the digtal age

If you’re in front of a computer or digital device for a significant portion of your day, you’re probably no stranger to digital eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision. Luckily, with ANRRI blue light blocking glasses, all those problems can be a thing of the past.

ANRRI computer glasses effectively reduce blue light by up to 90%, immediately reducing eyestrain and its associated effects including headaches, dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision and even trouble sleeping.

man wearing ANRRI glasses sit in sofa

Make every day a better day with ANRRI

Enjoy all-day comfort
Our frames are made from extremely light materials, ensuring that you can comfortably wear your ANRRI glasses all day, every day.
Effectively reduce blue light
ANRRI blue light glasses cut out up to 90% of blue light from your computer and device screens. You’ll notice the difference instantly.
Improve your eye health
By cutting out blue light, you’ll reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches, ensuring you can operate at your full potential.
Sleep better, live better
By reducing your digital eyestrain and its related side effects, you’ll have a deeper and more restful sleep and therefore more enjoyable, productive and fulfilling days.
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All our eyewear is available in prescription and non-prescription options

Whether you need Rx or non-Rx, your ANRRI glasses will effectively filter blue light and reduce your digital eyestrain

Reasons you'll love ANRRI

Instant results
Our blue light glasses are designed to effectively reduce blue light as well as decrease glare and screen reflections and increase contrast and detail. This will give you immediate relief from digital eyestrain and its related effects including dry eyes, tired eyes and blurred vision, while enhancing your focus, productivity and performance.
Suitable for everyone
If you spend a lot of time on a computer or digital device on a daily basis, ANRRI’s computer glasses are made for you. Young or old, regularly wearing our blue light glasses will make a significant difference to your day-to-day life.
Ideal for all-day wear
ANRRI blue light glasses are lightweight and comfortable, ensuring you can wear them around the clock without any discomfort. They are suitable for day or night-time wear, whether it’s work or social reasons calling you online.
Premium quality
Our frames and lenses are built to the highest standards using premium materials.
Easy prescription ordering
If you need prescription blue light glasses, simply place an Rx order and upload your prescription during the checkout process. Don’t worry if you forget – we’ll be in
Free shipping
All our orders ship free.
Free returns
We offer a 90-day returns policy, allowing you to shop risk-free. We also offer free exchanges if the pair of glasses you’ve chosen isn’t quite right. Our helpful team is happy to offer our advice and recommendations based on the pair you purchased so that you can find a more suitable pair.

Risk-free shopping

Free from fuss and from charges, we offer free refund or exchanges on all our
products(no return needed) .